Health Care For The Uninsured or Underinsured

What are the choices for uninsured or underinsured individuals? Unfortunately it seems like there might be only two choices:1) You pay money from your own pocket for your health care and2) You don’t seek the medical attention you need.There are problems with both of these options. If you choose to get healthcare you cannot afford, it can be very financially draining. Either you come up with the money from savings or your credit cards to pay health bills or you have to work out a payment plan with your medical care provider. This can be a real financial strain for families and individuals and impact your life greatly.The alternative of not seeking the proper medical help is even worse than option number one because this could impact your life. If you are underinsured or uninsured, is there an aspect of your health you are neglecting at this very moment because you cannot afford to see the doctor, the dentist, buy new glasses or send your child in for braces for their teeth? If so, you aren’t alone. Many uninsured and uninsured people and families put their health at the bottom of their priority list because it just seems to cost so much money to buy drugs, have surgery, have a baby, buy new prescription glasses or have that root canal that you know you need. But what can you do if you cannot afford it?Discount Health Plans from AmeriplanA very wise alternative to being at the mercy of the expensive American health care system is a discount health plan. By paying a relatively small annual fee you have access to instant discounts on health care. Your plan can be selective or comprehensive and can include a few options such as dental and drug benefits or can include extras like trips to the orthodontist, prescription glasses and specialty treatments like chiropractors or massage therapy and counseling services. A discount plan is not the same as insurance but provides you with an extensive list of medical care providers who will deeply discount your services with them. This could equate to hundreds of dollars saved per year at the dentist alone.How much money can you save with Ameriplan? A trip to the dentist for a cleaning might normally cost you several hundred dollars and with an Ameriplan discount membership you could save up to 80% and your annual membership fee could pay for itself in less than a few visits to the doctor or dentist and save you considerably over the course of a year.Instead of putting your financial situation at risk or worse, going without essential services it’s very worthwhile to consider a discount dental or discount health plan. Whether you have insurance that’s inadequate for your needs or are one of the many people who don’t have medical insurance, an Ameriplan discount health plan is very worthwhile to consider.

Vocal Health Care With Eucalyptus Oil

Using essential oils to care for the voice can be extremely helpful for any voice professional. Essential oils work with the body to help heal whatever issue the body is dealing with. There are oils for almost any ailment a voice professional deals with. One difficult and pressing issue that happens to almost everyone, including voice professionals, is the issue of clogged sinuses.We may go to sleep feeling fine and the next morning wake up with a completely clogged sinus passage. If you have a performance, rehearsal or presentation that day, you need to open your sinuses quickly and safely using a clearing agent that will not affect your voice adversely as prescription medications and over the counter drugs can do. Eucalyptus oil is an excellent way to do this.Vocal Health Care ToolIf you wake up in the morning with a clogged sinus passage and need a very powerful agent to clear out your sinuses, here is a way to immediately clear out your sinuses and stay clear for your presentation or performance.This is what you will need before you begin:
1) 1 bottle of quality Eucalyptus oil.
2) 2 Q-tips
3) A warm showerTurn on your shower to a heat you can handle without it being to hot on your skin. Put a number of towels at the bottom of the door so the steam from the shower does not escape under the door. Just steaming alone is excellent and essential for proper vocal health care and when your vocal apparatus is under siege; however, this procedure will speed healing even more.Before you get into the shower, take each Q-tip and dip it in the Eucalyptus oil making sure it is covered completely and soaked. Put the Eucalyptus oil and Q-tips on a clean towel or tissue on the counter next to the shower or somewhere close so you can reach them from the shower. Before you get into the shower, spill a few drops of Eucalyptus oil on the floor of the shower. Be careful how much you use; if you use too much, the oil may burn your feet, so just a few drops.Get into the shower and breathe deeply and slowly allowing the mixture to fill your lungs. Take a few minutes to let the steam and mix of Eucalyptus oil begin opening up your sinus passages. After you have begun to allow the steam open you up, take one oil-soaked Q-tip and insert it into one nostril. Very gently and slowly, slide the Q-tip up into your sinus passage, making sure it goes all the way up into your sinus passage as far as it can go. Next, slowly and even more gently twist and turn the Q-tip so it coats your entire sinus passage.Now slowly pull the Q-tip out as you feel the openness in your sinus cavity and the energy of the oil working.Take the other oil soaked Q-tip and do the same thing to your other sinus passage.Within 30 seconds (or sooner) you will probably begin to sneeze longer and stronger than you ever have before! This is the clearing power of the oil and your sinus passages expelling all the mucus and bacteria that has been clogging you up. In addition, the oil will slide down into the back of your throat opening, cleaning, and clearing out any mucus or bacteria.If you are a voice professional, someone who uses their voice to make a living, this clearing is something I recommend you do every couple of weeks. It is another tool in the tool box of your own personal vocal health care regimen.As always, I wish you the best on your quest for Superior Vocal Health.

Long Term Health Care Options

As you grow older, housing may pose more and more of a concern, especially if your health is failing. If you are worried that you may not be able to take care of your basic needs as you age, such as cleaning, cooking, bathing and maintenance, then looking at your long term health care options is an important choice. Let’s start right away with your options.In-Home CareIn-home health care is the best option for people who have a higher level of fitness, and want to remain as independent as possible throughout their later years. In this situation, home health care nurses may come and visit you daily, or every couple of days, to take care of your everyday medical needs. Also, a housekeeper may be utilized, as well as a personal health care attendant, who would be responsible for more of the day-to-day living help – such as a companion, driver, cook or the like. In-home health care is quite easy to locate; just contact a nurses’ association or look in the Yellow Pages.Continuing CareAn intermediary between nursing homes and independent living, continuing care, or retirement communities, offer a wide variety of health benefits and services to their inhabitants. These communities are usually all-inclusive, where dwellers receive lodging, meals, social events, varying levels of health care, and sometimes other perks as well.Entrance fees for these establishments can be quite high (ranging from $10,000 to over 300,000); added to their monthly fees (ranging from $800-4000), and this option can prove to be expensive health care. However, services are guaranteed for the remainder of your life if you choose this option, and if your health falters, you can always be moved to the nursing home portion of their health care facility.Because of the all-inclusive nature of this kind of health care, you’ll want to read the fine print carefully in your contract. What are all of the recurring and one-time fees? What exactly is covered with those fees? What health care options are, and are not offered? Do you need to purchase extra health insurance to cover your specific care costs? Also don’t forget to check up with the Better Business Bureau about the status of the facility you are interested in; if you plan on living there the rest of your life, you may want to double check it’s reputation, too.Nursing HomesIn a very simple sense, nursing homes will take care of your health care needs when you are no longer able to. This may be for a short period of time while you are recovering, or for a longer period of time as you age. Nursing homes are the whole meal deal of health care for the elderly or otherwise incapacitated. If this is an option that you think you may require, there are many things to discuss and consider when looking at your options. Does the home provide the type of care that you will require? Research the history of the nursing home; are there any black spots on their record? Talk to people who have lived there, have used their services, or who are still living there now, if at all possible. Get their viewpoint.