Discount Health Tests Reduce Medical Costs

Discount health tests are a great way to help keep medical costs down, as they assist in prevention of diseases and other complications. Dr. Greg Jackson, a doctor in San Antonio, Texas, is writing a book about preventative health care and talks a great deal about how beneficial discount health tests can be.Part of the plan Dr. Jackson uses with his patients to help keep their costs down, discount health tests are ideal for catching health issues early.  Patients of Dr. Greg Jackson are taught to focus on prevention, and the main part of Dr. Jackson’s plan is to have his healthy patients only come in for physicals every 15 to 18 months instead of once per year. By doing it this way, patients may be able to “straddle” two calendar years, only having to pay one deductible payout.Discount health tests come into play right before a patient’s physical.  Dr. Jackson prefers his patients come in with their lab results in hand in order to avoid the time and cost of having a follow-up visit to review the lab test results.Dr. Jackson’s patients receive their annual blood work, but they can also receive a series of other lab tests in areas that might be of concern to the doctor or patient.Dr. Jackson reminds his patients and every person receiving healthcare that if health costs are a concern, have a discussion with your physician. According to Dr. Jackson, many physicians will work with their patients to make healthcare more affordable.